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Almost done

_AlterEgo a posted Thu at 21:22
Hello everyone,

I'm almost done with the basics so the server will be open soon. Everyone needs to register again so if you are a trusted member and someone used your username please tell us so we can unregister it for you.

Donators will get their ranks back after 4 days due the fact that I still need to fix a lot of things.

From now on I will make back-ups at least three times a week.

Like I mentioned earlier some stuff still needs some work but might not be a big problem, if you spot any bugs/glitches please inform us so we can fix the problem.

Kind regards,

jjking112 When are ranks going to be fixed? i want to buy one
thomasdo2 Alter some body used my username -,-
Jenky9 Waarom kan ik niet inloggen?

Important news

_AlterEgo a posted Wed at 17:38

Hello everyone,

I have sad news to announce because while working on the minigames server a bug appeared and reinstalled the other server meaning we lost everything including. This means that I will have to reconfigure everything once again and install all the plugins and redesign everything. I've created backups but they were on the server itself so those are also gone now. In the future I will create the back-ups to my own PC for more security but I will make sure this won't happen again. I know a lot of people will quit right now and there is nothing I can do against it but I just wanted to say that I had a fun time with most of you, the events were fun, and we had a good community IMO.

The good news is that we will have a better server for the factions which was actually intended for the minigames. All previous cheated items have values again. Donators won't lose their ranks and gain the extra diamond blocks this time. The world isn't super huge anymore and we can start with a fresh new worldborder. But yea all this can't make up for your losses. I'm very sorry.

It will at least take 2 days to get everything up again.

I will keep everyone who still intends to play up to date.

Kind regards,


Update 1:
Got the main server installed again, going to setup the newer server now.

Edde2001 Guys. Stop crying, I reached 700 Repairing skill in 1 day. It cant take months to get 1000, maybe 2 days compared to how ...
CrabNipples #RC4Lyfe
Fraokie But the one who bought tokens must surely be compensated?

World border

_AlterEgo a posted Mon at 11:13

So whenever we hit 140+ players the server is starting to lag because we don't have a worldborder.
Next friday we will have a new worldborder for 50k. Is your base outside this range? Please ask me to move your base by pming me on enjin with your coords and requested coords. If you don't have requested coord then I will put them somewhere randomly and tell you the coords afterwards.

Kind regards,

ilja pls help
ilja i can login because its asking to register when i have and account already
DjBoy How To Tpa Coordes Alter ?


_AlterEgo a posted Apr 12, 14
Hello everyone,

So as some of you might have notice your enderchests are emtpy! Due the newest updates of spigot and Minecraft itself there are a lot of problems. When I wanted to upgrade to the latest version of spigot it decided to remove most enderchests. I'm verry sorry for this, the only thing I can do now is to create a big dropparty with loads of gapples, prot iv and more. We won't refund anything so you can flame me all you want but there will be no refunds. The dropparty will find place tomorrow around 19:00 or 20:00 CET

Kind regards,

SpikeThePig It doesnt matter were people place there base most of the time when you raid someone you get tped to there base so i doe ...
Zavarin pancakes
peter_griffin he said no refends. cant u guys read i will make it bigger for you THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. so stop complaining and accept ...

Rank adjustments

_AlterEgo a posted Apr 11, 14
Hello community,

So we haven't received a lot of donations lately even tho the server is very crowded. In order to expand and keep up the server/advertising I will have to make the ranks more interesting. So here are the rank adjustments.

- New prefix
- 5 Extra diamond blocks

Titan, now VIP
- New prefix
- 10 diamond blocks

- New prefix
- Kit upgraded
- 20 Diamond blocks

- 40 Diamond blocks

- Kit upgraded
- 80 Diamond blocks

Old donators will only benefit from the new prefix and upgraded kits so they won't receive the diamonds.

Kind regards,

tommieboy02 Vindt je het niet een beetje oneerlijk day ik geen 10 diamond blocks krijg. Ik heb voor hetzelfde geld gedoneert...
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