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_AlterEgo Owner
_AlterEgo @ Randomcraft Factions
posted Aug 31, 14
With our new key voting system the admin team hopes that we motivated you all to vote even more then you all used to! Please vote as much as possible, every vote counts! These are the vote prices for the month October
1. Premium Minecraft account
2. 25 Euro coupon ticket for our shop
3. 10 Euro coupon ticket for our shop
4. 5 mystery keys
5. 2 mystery keys
6. God gear
7. God gear
8. God gear
9. 200.000 $
10. 100.000 $

Winners of the month September:
1. jacobknighj
2. ccrunnerdude
3. godart3raw
4. GovernorVII
5. maheros (from place 9 last month)
6. oogleman1 <3
7. Raid7 (once again)
8. Romeo_69
9. Gantalf (dropped a few spots)
10. 1eluminator1

To claim your rewards please PM me on enjin!
oogleman o I won too many times i think - please pick a random day and drop the 10 gapples in spawn or somewhere. Thanks,. I vote ...
Raid7 when i can get my god gear ? o-o
Thor597 Hahahhahaha Gring youre girl is smart now she gets a rank and you can dream about a premium minecraft account ...

A New Challenger Approaches!

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Aug 31, 14
I have realized that some players don't care for the frills, trills, or thrills that the skywars ranks come with. Therefore, I am pleased to announce the addition of

The Ancestor Rank

The ancestor rank is simple. You get all of the kits, but none of the extra stuff. This means no ./feed, no pets, no trails, no in-game money, and no swaggy custom tags. 

For the first week, this rank will have a 5 euro discount, so get it while you can!


Best dropparty

_AlterEgo Owner
_AlterEgo @ Randomcraft Factions
posted Aug 21, 14

I hope you enjoyed the food and deadbush!

Pls don't kill me.
1eluminator1 after your dp alter i did al lot better one with 64 did block and 10 gapless and a giveaway of 1mil$
Spike0803 Why so Lag?
Marlovescats LMAO i knew it each drop party = deadbush and noobs items xDDDDDD i remember when i once got your head ...

Skywars Mini-Update

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Aug 4, 14
So the update yesterday didn't go quite as planned: Two of the plugins we added (endersurf and torch fire aspect) are going to be removed due to bugginess. We will be having another short period of maintenance tonight to remove endersurf, add an announcement plugin, an anti-advertising plugin, and core protect.

If you have any suggestions for the server, remember to post in the suggestion thread! (signs at spawn with the link).

Thank you for sticking with us! The server is young, so mistakes do happen :3

Also, the ranks skyhero and up will now have access to /feed! no more having to stuff your mouth with food!


ZenubuscusMC is it true that you're using one of my maps?
YoDa_MoRpHeUs24 Same thing to me It wont let me login on the server can anyone help me how do u do it
Geobawzz Was wondering, Why does faction ranks (Legend) doesn't work on skywars? do i need to buy another rank for skywars? bit o ...

Skywars Update!

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Aug 2, 14

Hello Randomcrafters!

Skywars got off to an amazing start: We already hit 150 players! 

Sadly, we haven't had any donations yet. Donations are an important part of the server, because without them we won't be able to keep the server up! If you like the server, please donate a little bit of money to it. Now's the time, use the coupon code BENISTHEBEST for 20% off the skywars shop!

In order to try and make the ranks a little more valuable, I have added 2 new features:
-Donators can join when the server is full.
-Donators all get a spiffy new prefix on their NAMETAG as well (see below).

We will be having a small period of maintenance (probably only 10 minutes) at 10 PM est (04:00 cet) In order to add the following things:
-EnderSurf, which changes the way enderpearls work. (removed due to bugginess)
-Fire torches, which lights enemies on fire when you strike them with a torch. (removed, caused block lag)
-A new ban plugin.
-A new announcement plugin.
-An anti-advert plugin.
-*POSSIBLY a stomper plugin, that causes enemies to take damage when you jump on their heads!

I will also be creating a youtube video/guide for skywars in the near future!


TehFortyManiak That FOV, though ...
ccrunnerdude   created a new thread I won voting contest :3 in the General Discussion forum
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