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Merry Christmas from Skywars!

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Mon at 8:01
Hello RCer's!

Christmas time has come to SkyWars! All skywars ranks will be 50% off until 12/31 this year! Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, and cherish what you have! Also, make sure to stop by our skywars server often, as there may be special Christmas events with prizes! Also, stay tuned for the release of skywars 2.0!

Merry Christmas!
weedguy any news about prison ranks?
iNexiousHD God Wat ons skywars and not more servers?
_AlterEgo Owner Factions will not get a sale off

Skywars 2.0

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Dec 2, 14
Hello all,
I am going to have some free time on my hands soon, so I will be working to update the skywars server.

Some things I want to do:

-Add a team plugin
-Add a spectator plugin
-reduce skywars ranks to 10 dollar rank with only all kits and a basic prefix, and a 15/20 dollar rank with all the extra stuff (custom prefix, trails, pets, etc)
-Add new maps
-edit spawn (somehow)

If you have any more ideas, want to show me your support, or want to express any opinion about skywars, please leave a comment below.

ShashyCuber Hey Ben!! Although I understand that the server needs good trust worthy admins and mods, but I would say that you are a ...
TheGamerGirl1 You banned me at lobby for no reason and i made unban request you didnt answer shame on you .
SAW000 What about making the spawn like a small open floating island and lag free, instead of the regular joining pool, a pool ...

Lobby Update

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Nov 27, 14
Hello All

The plugin we have been using to control logging in is broken.
Because of this, we have had to switch to a new plugin.
You need to register your new password ASAP. If someone has already registered your account, let us know in the thread below ONLY. Don't make new threads

In the meantime, we are shutting off factions/prison/skyblocks for a few hours so people have time to check their accounts.

Sorry about this, but we cant help when shit breaks.
danielg64950/DarkDragon/DanielRe Someone registered my danielg64950 ... fuck them xD them assholes ... but can i have my mcmmo transfered to Notannie
lasurubens AKA Elsaicequeen Kindly bring back mah almost 3m$ of In game moneh~ because somebody stole it by registering mah account(lasur)... help m ...
piemelhooft tizike my brother is hacked and a friend of me from real life to torebarstow

Hub Contest Update!

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Nov 13, 14
Hello Rcer's!
The hub contest will be coming to a close 1 week from today. So, if you are working on a hub, be sure to get it completed and entered before then! Good luck!


The winner is NeoRheivax! Congrats!
jjaahh This is my RandomCraft hub for the contest: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dye56joc51g4lki/Zach%27s+RandomCraft+Hub.z ...
NeoRheivax Actually TheGamerGirl11 Your hub is a copyright map you just want to get unbanned and have rank on RC
Guest :( x But my hub is done none is seing it i posted the download link at my profile what should i do ? Tell me fast please ? :(

SkyBlock NPC

_AlterEgo Owner posted Nov 11, 14
Delayed cuz I'm away.

Hello everyone!

After hard days of work we can finally introduce a new style of gameplay which we haven't introduced before in Randomcraft.

We have created a city called Steampunk where NPC's live and these NPC's can talk to you.
They might have a quest for you, can sell you something, guard the city or are there just to be pretty.

Please note that we are brand new to this system and bugs might occur. We are working hard on getting everything perfect for you guys.

A few already had a preview and enjoyed it very much! If this will be a success we will add this to Factions and the other servers. Think of big raid bosses where you need a huge group to defeat the boss and gain big rewards.

We will open the renewed SkyBlock tomorrow 19:00 CET. The islands won't reset.

What's new:
- Spawn
- Shop
- Quests
- NPC shops
- Guards
- More!

Preview video, video is pretty weird cuz youtube

KingBrimir tag Last time I checked the bar, Earl was on vacation. Has he came back yet?
Crismo™ Song??
Guest :( x When i spawn at sky block its like WoW i die cuz theres no spawn ? Whats wrong with SkyBlock fix it beacuse thats the Aw ...
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