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Hub Contest Update!

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywarso
ben1122a_ @ Randomcraft Creative
posted Nov 13, 14
Hello Rcer's!
The hub contest will be coming to a close 1 week from today. So, if you are working on a hub, be sure to get it completed and entered before then! Good luck!


The winner is NeoRheivax! Congrats!
jjaahh This is my RandomCraft hub for the contest: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dye56joc51g4lki/Zach%27s+RandomCraft+Hub.z ...
NeoRheivax Actually TheGamerGirl11 Your hub is a copyright map you just want to get unbanned and have rank on RC
Guest :( x But my hub is done none is seing it i posted the download link at my profile what should i do ? Tell me fast please ? :(

SkyBlock NPC

_AlterEgo Owner posted Nov 11, 14
Delayed cuz I'm away.

Hello everyone!

After hard days of work we can finally introduce a new style of gameplay which we haven't introduced before in Randomcraft.

We have created a city called Steampunk where NPC's live and these NPC's can talk to you.
They might have a quest for you, can sell you something, guard the city or are there just to be pretty.

Please note that we are brand new to this system and bugs might occur. We are working hard on getting everything perfect for you guys.

A few already had a preview and enjoyed it very much! If this will be a success we will add this to Factions and the other servers. Think of big raid bosses where you need a huge group to defeat the boss and gain big rewards.

We will open the renewed SkyBlock tomorrow 19:00 CET. The islands won't reset.

What's new:
- Spawn
- Shop
- Quests
- NPC shops
- Guards
- More!

Preview video, video is pretty weird cuz youtube

KingBrimir tag Last time I checked the bar, Earl was on vacation. Has he came back yet?
Crismo™ Song??
Guest :( x When i spawn at sky block its like WoW i die cuz theres no spawn ? Whats wrong with SkyBlock fix it beacuse thats the Aw ...

Skyblock Update!

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywarso
ben1122a_ @ Randomcraft Creative
posted Nov 7, 14
Hello Rc'ers,
As some of you may or may not know, Skyblocks was recently hacked. On top of that, the plugin we used was also discontinued, so we had to reset in order to install a new plugin. However, it is back up and running, and I (along with the rest of the staff) is eager to help skyblocks grow!

What will happen now:

A new spawn will (hopefully) be coming! also, the shop will be remade/improved as well.

If you want to help us improve skyblock, please post in the thread below. The biggest part of improving the server comes from hearing what you guys want.

Guest :( x Will i win 25 $ cupon code and if my spawn win will i get unbanned at creative as reward ?
witch_king_1000 The plugin is NOT working!! i created a island AFTER the hackers destroyed my previeous one and put all my valuables in ...

Server Hub Contest!

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywarso
ben1122a_ @ Randomcraft Creative
posted Nov 3, 14
Hello RC'ers!

Our server has grown immensely since being a small, factions-only server. 
Now that we have so many great builders with us, we thought it was time to give them a challenge!

Design a new server hub for us, and win a 25 euro coupon code for the shop!

More info in the thread below:

Good Luck!
Guest :( x OMG fast my spawn is done it was hard work but check it out before someone steal it http://www.mediafire.com/download/3p ...
Guest :( x I will give you best spawn ever but please if i win unban me ok ? my spawn is not done yet but it look aweseom so far Pl ...
spaceboy18 hey haiii, i am spaceboy18 a pl;ayer from your server! i have a view questions for the server/you. why is tnt enabled in ...


_AlterEgo Owner posted Nov 1, 14
Hello everyone,

Because of the vote duplicate abuse we will once give away one price, to GovernorVII he gets to chose between premium or a coupon code from 25 Euro.

We've launched our new donation website a week ago because it's more user friendly. The donations were quite bad already but it has gotten worse last week. We really need more donations to keep the server up.

Prison is doing pretty good at the moment and has gained a lot of players. We will still work hard on improving Prison and making it a better place to play at.

I'm currently working on the new Ice spawn for factions. It's looking pretty good so far and it will be done begin next week.

MineZ will be added this month.

No top voter rewards this month

Top donator of this month will get a 25 Euro coupon code

Ultimate Tekkit will be added this month

A new logo will be uploaded this month

New Hide n Seek maps will be added

Any questions? Ask them in here.

Happy Halloween!
Guest :( x OMG fast my spawn is done it was hard work but check it out before someone steal it http://www.mediafire.com/download/3p ...
Guest :( x _AlterEgo Best regerds from TheGamerGirl1 1st. I wanna say RandomCraft is best server in holy world 2nd.But more im here ...
AD_Kingzz I Came up with a theory.....Ok so Mango (HYLIN) voted for all 7 websites in one day, BUT 1 site haven't credited the poi ...
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