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_AlterEgo Owner posted Thu at 21:26
Hello everyone,

The admin team will be holding a event this Sunday 20:00 CET called ChestHunt! We might not be using chests due XRAYER FAGGOTS but something else instead. We will let you know on stream or in chat on the factions server.

During this event we will be introducing the first black market item called "Vamp sword" this sword will give you half a hearth on hit when you're missing HP and more black market items can be found. When the event is done we will create a blackmarket thread where we put down the item with it's owner, in this thread I'll explain how the black market will work.

I will be livestream the entire event and everyone is welcome to join me on teamspeak!

C U there!

iDonald101 Sounds awesome!
Jasoniful im exited i will be there
ShashyCuber Can not Wait Alter ...


_AlterEgo Owner posted Jan 16, 15
Hello everyone,

This has been a hectic week for Randomcraft due players drop. We will work as hard as we can and our first priority is to fix lagging servers then we will work on fixes/new features/upgrades. Koala made a wool and banner shop and we've upgraded the main shop with a lot of new stuff as requested. Vote rewards will also be adjusted soon.

3 admins decided to step down due private reasons. Thank you guys for all your hard work in your active periods and without you guys we wouldn't have come this far.
- Xyolex
- KingBrimir
- Xenom

New admin will be LuanaHD and we will select another one.


The Randomcraft team

Tradgedy12 Lawl the old time's aren't over you can see Xenom and Brimir on GTA everyday xD(Addicted)
Marlovescats I will be applying for admin when its open?
Elsaicequeen Pick Rainwater as an Admin D:!!


_AlterEgo Owner posted Jan 9, 15
Hello RCers,

Here is a short update on Pixelmon.
I've joined the owner team of Pixelmon because it was falling behind. MuotoZ updated Pixelmon to the latest version and a lot of new Pokemons have been introduced for example Tyrogue, Pineco, Natu and way more.

A lot of you asked how to play Pixelmon, well here is a short tutorial on how to install it.

Server ip:
TB2002 Why isn't pixelmon working? i installed the mod with the forge but it doesn't work please help!
stefanoszervos I can't connect to RC's pixelmon,it's premium... :(
Elsaicequeen >/////<


_AlterEgo Owner posted Jan 8, 15
Hello everyone,

As you might have seen we have a lot of new features at Factions and I have a list of things I will add with that.

New things already implemented:
- Disguise as a mob
- Particle effects
- End farm for GOD+
- Vote party (will be more tweaked soon)
- A new rank Master
- Faction donate page has pictures with the description now
- Added TOP donators at the staff page (Did you donate more then 200 Euro? Tell me and I will add you to the list)

Things to be added
- Blackmarket confirmed
Still need to work it out how we will do this

- Raidboss (a lot of bugs that I need to fix that's why it's taking so long)

- CombatLvLs
Everyone starts at level 1, you gain xp by killing players (killing your teammates or alts won't help because we got a fix for that) each lvl you gain extra dmg and health.

- Region PvP (noob friendly)
Region PvP will bring a whole new level to pvping. For exmaple if you're level 40 you can only kill level 20-60 in the warzone.

- We might introduce combat mcMMO skills but that's not sure yet

- The underground (Master only)
This is a costum made map with a lot of features!

Happy Randomcrafting

williams888 you need to completely redo the spawn for factions i can not even get out of spawn because there is only one way out and ...
ResidentYam this server is gettin awsome every day and nice stuff u added you got my respect well YAM IS OUT
rickydayo I need my tokens alter plz gimme them

Forced Reset

_AlterEgo Owner posted Dec 31, 14
ehh.. He.... Hello everyone...

We are forced to reset due corrupt data and we got pretty much fucked because we were also updating factions to a better version so all faction data is gone to.

Everyone will start over again. Kits will be up after 1 day instead of 3. People that bought their rank after the reset will regain the items after 1 day. People that bought items in the month December or late November will also get those back.

Please note that we work as hard as we can to provide you a fun game play but we can't control everything. Flame us all you want but it won't change anything. This was the only viable option.

Drop parties will come and a lot of more stuff will come.

On behalf of the entire Randomcraft staff team we wish you a happy new year and we hope we will keep seeing you all!

For the ppl that think this is a fag pic, SOUTH PARK BITCH
RawHide Any idea when this will happen??
Assasin200303 When are the servers going back up?????????????????????????????
thefatgirl111 o Everyone who is blaming alter for this ..Shut the fuck up! Do you think Alter did this on Purpose Of course NOT. Shit ha ...
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