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Update 2/13/2015

_AlterEgo Owner posted Feb 13, 15

Hello everyone,

We had a lot of damage but we're slowly regaining power. Skyblock is back online with some new features and survival games has been completely reworked with a lot of new awesome features like the carepacke one.

Oogleman and his crew are doing great things on the new prison server and I'm almost done configuring the plugins.

Parkour information is unknown yet but we will add some new mini parkour games to the server.

Our creative server is hosted on Limehosting.co and is currently having issues (RC CURSE IS REAL) I can't give you more feedback about that. I've send a angry letter threathening I will take away their potatos, this should work.

After all this is done Pixelmon will get some love again. New plugins and perhaps some other things that will be added.

Factions will be the last one that get's worked on. I will add a few compeltely (non pvp related) plugins, remove a few plugins and strongly considering the creeper egg raid thingy.

I recently saw someone sending this meme and I thought I would give it a Randomcraft twist.

Happy RC'ing!

Elsaicequeen if im there~ imma suggest "Give lemons... lemon is heart <3"
haveityourwa Help me please i was playing skyblock then came bigbadwolf7 he said that he's owner i didn't believied then he tp to my ...
Matthew_survivor im the guy who gets thrown out the window.-. i just know it.....

RC = down

_AlterEgo Owner posted Feb 10, 15

Servers that are gone due host issues.



New prison which was not released yet

Survival Games (Back on, a complete new paid plugin with extra features)


All files are gone including backups so these server will have to be entirely reworked. I'm not happy either because this will take weeks to setup again. I'm also very sorry for oogleman and his crew that worked hard on creating the prison.

For the people that hate RC and like this. Enjoy.

I'm currently working on setting up everything. Within an hour you will be able to connect to factions onyl.


MasterTheMix And when the new Prison comes why cant we keep our money and items...etc??
MasterTheMix pleas fix the lag on the Prison server it lags soo much that i crashed 4 times :/ pleas fix it
stripedumbrella No wonder sometime vote does not work ...

Unban Galore!

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Feb 5, 15

Hello RC'ers.
_Alterego is feeling generous this month, and we are deciding to give many more people another chance on the server! This topic is for anyone/everyone who wants to get an unban. Post in this thread with:
In Game Name:
Reason Banned:
Why you are sorry:
After you post, the admins will decide on whether or not you will be cleared to buy an unban. If you are cleared, your name will be put in the thread post below.
Also, you can have someone else post on your behalf. If you know someone who is banned and would like to be unbanned, make sure to tell them! And yes, I do mean ANYONE.
Best of luck! And remember, if you are accepted, don't break the rules again! :)

Unban Thread


ImGettingHyped In Game Name:ImGettingHyped Reason Banned:Joking about having hacks. Why you are sorry:Because joking/claiming to have ...
Eren1234 In game name:Eren1234 Reason banned:speed hack( but ı dont use hacks (hack ıs for noobs) somebody was kıll me than ı ...
whiterangers In Game Name: whiterangers Reason Banned; got banned for hacking [but i wasnt they said i pvplogged my internet turned o ...


ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Feb 4, 15

do not use the new feature to change your name if you are premium. you will loose all your ranks, money, etc on the server if you do. you have been warned, we arent responsible if you make this mistake.



ImmortalityRage VIP I changed my name already...WTF. This is why I hate cracked servers -.-
Gringheist *changes* Oh sh...

Monthly top voter!

_AlterEgo Owner posted Jan 31, 15

Hello everyone,

As some of you might've already seen some comments of mine we are reintroducing the monthly top voter rewards! Please help Randomcraft and vote for us every day! This means you will make new friends and have more people to play against!

Please note that these rewards are randomized, so if you're number 10 you still have a shot at the premium account! If you're number 11 you will not participate for these prizes.

1. Premium Minecraft account
2. 25 Euro coupon ticket for our shop
3. 10 Euro coupon ticket for our shop
4. 5 mystery keys
5. 2 mystery keys
6. God gear
7. God gear
8. God gear
9. 200.000 $
10. 100.000 $



Post your name in this thread to make sure you claimed the vote ownership of that account


I have removed some shitty rewards from the crates. You have a bigger chance at getting something good now!

Vote party has better rewards

New prison will be released soon


Happy Februari!




#MaxForDayz#BANNED# x I vote every day but on the site it say i have 137 but last 3days i vote on all the sites en there came only 7votes from ...
Tradgedy12 Lord Maybe give me coupon for being top voter 3 months in a row and not getting anything....
mc12370 VIP That would suck if your top voter and you end up getting 100k or something, but then again that would make it more fun f ...
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