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GO4RC #4

_AlterEgo Owner posted Sun at 18:14
Finals will be played next week due Crismo caught cheating.
Watch live video from AlterEgo1337 on www.twitch.tv
Team 1
_AlterEgo and Zavarin

Team 2
Jetzero123 and PoweredByPotato

Team 3
xXFlamingMikeXx - TheGamingGeorge

Team 4
_Crockpot33_ & Koala

Team feg

Team 6

Team 7
GiganticSuperman and CrabNipples

Team 8
boozzsyp and hardfulpvp

Team 9
iNexiousHD and Keeeeeeezay

Team 10
SpacePig and Eldar

Team 11
1eluminator1 and _monus_

Team 12
xXFlamingMikeXx and poccy2010

Team 13

Team 14
Jop96 & MoonlightShadow

Team 15
KhAlezX & Xunxito7

Team 16
iDonald101 & FutureIndustries

Team 17
ZatexPvP and SeargentCracker

Team 18
jop96 and evilmedic

Team 19
xXMarkCrafterXx and xXThodulisXx

Team 20
tigo and amura

SpikeThePig Ehhm i don't want to be a Frenchfries but LD_BUTCHER is spike just sayin ...
jop96 I dont hate hihi
Crismo™ <3 love you jop no h8 m8

Prison back

_AlterEgo Owner posted Oct 22, 14
Update 2:
- Added a complete new rankup system
- Removed current balance/mcMMO

Hello RC,

Prison has been down for a long time now due a weird bug but is back online!

The following things have been changed:
- Players can't craft God apples
- Sell prices are changed, this so it takes longer to rank up
- Rank prices are changed
- Gangs have been added
- A lot of PvP areas will be created (not done yet)
- Cells will be rent able (not done yet)
- Fixed lag at spawn
- Rank b, f and i unlock a new warp
- Donate ranks have been added
- Crate voting has been added
- Completely new permissions system setup
- Colored name tags (not done yet)
- More areas you can unlock at different ranks (not done yet)
- Combat log system (done next restart)
- Due the fact that we use a new permissions and rank system we have reset all the ranks + plots

As you can see some things still need work but as I never played prison before I'm trying my best to make it a good prison server. But it takes time.

Warm regards,

robrobk @ Randomcraft Prison
so.. alter, ur saying that most citizens hacked to get it? dats a shame :( all the legit people have lost everything ca ...
oogleman o we all lost our ranks & everything - shit happens with minecraft - its not perfect. Its back up and running again a ...
_AlterEgo Owner Problem is a lot of people abused the shop glitch and gained their rank that way. Server has zero lag so that's your own ...

GO4RC #4

_AlterEgo Owner posted Oct 20, 14
Hello community,

We will be hosting another event very soon. It's a 2on2 event and you can sign-up here http://www.randomcraft.nl/forum/m/11914430/viewthread/16456276-go4rc-4-official-thread/post/81643836#p81643836

After this event we will make a small hall of fame for the GO4RC winners including previous versions.

Prize : 10 Euro paypal or credit store per person.
2nd prize: 1000 tokens per person

Warm regards,

Jenky9 Hey alter, ja het is wat anders alleen ik wist niet waar ik het anders moest plaatsen. Alleen ik ben donator en ik heb m ...
jetzero123 I will be there ...

SELFIE event

_AlterEgo Owner posted Oct 18, 14
Reminder: SELFIE event is tomorrow! Make sure you're grouped and geared to beat us!

When we're defeated we'll do a dropparty after. BUT YOU GOT TO DEFEAT US FIRST!

Video of the event:
Watch live video from AlterEgo1337 on Twitch
Tradgedy12 Worst event for me I had 5 fps and crashed 3 times :(
oogleman o I punched 3 of you and twerked at another 2. I deman a drop parteh!
matthijs_br Guys, you wont see me again on fac i think, i got a ban and it doesn't say when it expired, so yeah, let me explain how, ...


_AlterEgo Owner posted Oct 14, 14

Faction admins
1eluminator1, EvilMedic and Koala

Faction mods
Tradgedy12, _black_angle_, jetzero123 and xXFlamingMikeXx

SkyBlock mod/admin

dalessiolou, Ex2 and

Prison mods (when open)

Oogleman1, ROBORBK

Skywars mod will be chosen soon.

Want to know the reason why we didn't pick you? Comment on this thread.
Please note whenever these mods/admins will abuse they will get a ban.
These mods and admins are chosen by the whole admin team.

NeoRheivax I want to know why I wasn't chosen ...
1eluminator1 Remove my name i'm nat an admin any more,
Frka Btw Alter i am also Moderator on Skyblock! My IGN: josipimata So yeah if you can write it up there i would appreciate it ...
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