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GO4RC #4

_AlterEgo Owner posted Mon at 16:37
Hello community,

We will be hosting another event very soon. It's a 2on2 event and you can sign-up here http://www.randomcraft.nl/forum/m/11914430/viewthread/16456276-go4rc-4-official-thread/post/81643836#p81643836

After this event we will make a small hall of fame for the GO4RC winners including previous versions.

Prize : 10 Euro paypal or credit store per person.
2nd prize: 1000 tokens per person

Warm regards,

jetzero123 I will be there ...

SELFIE event

_AlterEgo Owner posted Sat at 23:13
Reminder: SELFIE event is tomorrow! Make sure you're grouped and geared to beat us!

When we're defeated we'll do a dropparty after. BUT YOU GOT TO DEFEAT US FIRST!

Video of the event:
Watch live video from AlterEgo1337 on Twitch
oogleman I punched 3 of you and twerked at another 2. I deman a drop parteh!
matthijs_br Guys, you wont see me again on fac i think, i got a ban and it doesn't say when it expired, so yeah, let me explain how, ...
1eluminator1 o Why do you think they do it now just after the reset ...


_AlterEgo Owner posted Oct 14, 14

Faction admins
1eluminator1, EvilMedic and Koala

Faction mods
Tradgedy12, _black_angle_, jetzero123 and xXFlamingMikeXx

SkyBlock mod/admin

dalessiolou, Ex2 and

Prison mods (when open)

Oogleman1, ROBORBK

Skywars mod will be chosen soon.

Want to know the reason why we didn't pick you? Comment on this thread.
Please note whenever these mods/admins will abuse they will get a ban.
These mods and admins are chosen by the whole admin team.

1eluminator1 o Remove my name i'm nat an admin any more,
Frka Btw Alter i am also Moderator on Skyblock! My IGN: josipimata So yeah if you can write it up there i would appreciate it ...
stefanoszervos Can i be admin?


_AlterEgo Owner posted Oct 13, 14
Hello everyone,

As I've said in a previous post we would reset when the next plugin crash happened and guess what?!?!? It did happen and a lot lately, a reset will most likely fix this issue as we will upgrade to 1.7.9 (we are now using 1.7.5). So yes, we are resetting! At wednesday 20:00 CET we will be resetting!

What will remain
- mcMMO stats
- Ranks
- Bought items within 2 months before the reset? No problem you will get them again after the reset!
- Premade bases bought with your currency

This reset we are selling a few premade bases with your current in-game balance! Here is the video with all the bases we sell.

If you like the 3rd base you see you can bid in this thread http://www.randomcraft.nl/forum/m/11914430/viewthread/16272182-premade-base-auction-oficcial/page/1.

New admins and mods will be chosen tomorrow!

Server maintenance will happen.

When the reset has been completed players won't be able to use their kits for the first 3 days and can claim their rank items in a not yet created thread which will be shown in here.


Other servers news

- The new prison is looking good already!

- Skyblock, Prison, parkour and creative will get donation ranks

- If prison is completely done we will add MineZ

Jenky9 Hey alter, ik heb wel donator bij mijn naam alleen ik heb geen kit en geen tokens. Ik weet niet of dat nog moet komen of ...
iNexiousHD o But I dont understand 1 thing: the selfie event is on 19-10 and the reset is on 12-10 so WTF... the selfie event wont wo ...

Skywars Map Building Contest!

ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars posted Oct 9, 14
Hello RC'ers!

Skywars has been around for a little while, and has become quite popular! For that, the rest of the skywars staff team, and I, thank all of you. However, we feel that skywars doesn't quite have that "RC" feel. So, we are asking you, the community, to help us make our skywars server more unique! 

"How do I help you make the server more unique?" You may ask.

Well, its simple.

We will be holding a map building contest! 

Visit the thread in the link below to post your submissions! We are looking for 4, 8, and 16 player maps!

People who create maps we add into the server will receive a free skyhero rank!
You have a few options on how to submit your creations:
1. Build your map in our creative server, along with coordinates to your plot.
2. Upload a schematic of your creation in your forum post!
3. Send it to me personally on skype! (if you are worried about it being stolen)

If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me on the forums!


ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars just build it, we dont' have many submissions yet so it wont be closing for a while
elsaice123 ben~ until when is the submission~ im free for next next week and i wanna join but this week ~ i have to pass many requi ...
ben1122a_ OwnerSkywars If you and a friend both built it and we add it in, ill give each of you a 5 euro coupon code instead of one person gett ...
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