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Happy anniversary!

_AlterEgo Owner posted Sat at 20:32
Dear RandomCrafters,

Like KingBrimir said, time flies and I have got to admit that the months have passed by very fast I still remember me starting with the server and having a small but loyal player base.
I learned a lot and am still learning, there is a lot of progress still to be made but I'm happy with what I've already done with help of others!
I've met a lot of awesome people, some gone some but most are still playing and of course I meet a lot of new awesome players. In the meanwhile we've grown a big player base
with dedicated players who make me proud to own a community called "Randomcraft". Randomcraft had it downs but we got over that fast and reclaimed our growing position. We
are still growing and I hope that the current player core will remain with us and help us grow. I'm finally in a position where I have more time which means I will be more active from
now on. This also means that Prison will be coming soon. I'm also announcing that ben1122a_ will create a SkyWars server and Castle Wars will be coming soon after that.

In celebration of our 1 year anniversary we will be doing the following things:
- Big drop party
- Item hunts
- 30% discount on everything in our shop
- Take a group picture
- Thinking of a big PvP event (still under construction, might be mixed with item hunting)
- Exclusive items are given away. You might be the only one with a certain pet
- A new DJ for our strip club will be chosen with a special party pet

Sunday 3rd of August 20:00 CET.

Happy anniversary Randomcraft!

jetzero123 Im going to play pvp event but there better be god armor prices im poor :[ ...
aware3013 Im just going to be sitting here in my Potato Shack Just watching the noobs frolik amung Diamonds and God apples... ,_, ...
BlazinDMD VIP I cannot wait for this; looks intresting on text, luckily I can be there. : )

1 year anniversery #RC

_AlterEgo Owner posted Jul 21, 14
Hello RC'ers,

I'm happy to announce that Randomcraft will exist for 1 year at the first of August!
Ofcourse we need to celebrate that which we will at Sunday the 3rd of August.
We will be having a bigass drop party so make sure you're there!
We will also be giving exclusive pets away so you're the only one with that pet!

At the first of August all items in the shop will have a 30% discount.

Got suggestions for what other things we could do? Please say so!

More information soon.

Kind regards,

KingBrimir tag Time flies... doesnt seem that long ago but it has already been 1 year
SophieLover Weohoohsodhosodhosdh
azerty_boy I am on vacation the 3rd august ...

Factions online!

_AlterEgo Owner posted Jul 14, 14
Hello everyone,

So I didn't had the time and tools yesterday because I stayed over at a friends place. I would really like to thank Ben for his efford to fix it. However the thing that caused this issue couldn't have been discovered if you had previous experience with this bug. Apperently it was a file named scoreboard that was causing it.

I'm sorry for the downtime after 2 years of experience I'm still learning. Please help us get the server back up in the rankings with voting because we missed a day!

Thanks in advance!

KhAlezX Hace 3 dias que tengo 52.. deberia tener coomo 64
BlazinDMD VIP Yeah I had a vote problem as well Gring, no idea what happened.
Gringheist It should be 78!


_AlterEgo Owner posted Jul 1, 14
Hello everyone,

As a lot of you might have seen the server is growing fast. This has to do with the fact that we offer a lot of different gameplay. We are currently working on Prison and after that we will add SkyWars.

In order to keep the server growing we need votes. A new vote month has come and all the votes have been reset so we would really appreciate it if you help the server with voting! It's max 5 minutes work. With the new vote rewards voting also gives you more!

Vote winners Juli
Blazin and Xenom both win premium!

I'm on vacation untill the 10th of Juli so Prison will have to wait a little bit longer. In the meanwhile ben takes care of the factions server.

Kind regards,

Terminator_31 congratz blazin ...
Edde2001 crab, get glasses so u can figure the pictures then :DDD
Gringheist So no one is getting premium this month?

Update 28/6/2014

_AlterEgo Owner posted Jun 28, 14
Hi everyone,

So here are the recent update notes:
Pets have been added.
Donator pets:
- Pig
- Cow
- Chicken

VIP pets:
- Bat
- Spider

Lord pets:
- Silverfish
- Snowman
- Wolf

Legend pets:
- Ocelot
- Sheep

God pets:
- Iron Golem
- Horse

- pet menu
- pet remove
- pet name
- pet help
- more info ^

A auto restart plugin has been added to prevent the server from being online for 3 days in a row.

Changed combattag plugin. It now instantly kills you so this will prevent people from pvp logging while eating a gapple. It does have a sort of lag exception but I'm not sure how that works. So for the laggers don't worry, well actually GET BETTER INTERNET. While being tagged for 60 seconds you can't teleport away.

More info incoming.
Jacob_Pvper Riding pets is not alllowed. you got faster and I think on bat you can fly.
CrabNipples No, the pet ride allows you to go faster than normal
xXFlamingMikeXx VIP Umm can u enable pet ride please?
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